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5 Powerful Diets Against Menstrual Cramps

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5 Powerful Diets Against Menstrual Cramps

1. High fiber foods
The cramps can also trigger some other abdominal pains, and even diarrhea, to prevent this from happening we need to eat high-fiber foods such as: cereals, almonds, beans, peas, wheat germ, among others.

2. Lycopene diet
Foods considered “red” are rich in lycopene, a substance indicated by nutritionists to detoxify the body, as well as helping in the blood circulation, as well as controlling the fatigue we feel when we are menstruating.

Among them are: strawberries, tomatoes, pepper, cherry, watermelon, apple, raspberry, among others.

3. Analgesics in food
There are some foods loaded with analgesic sources, that is, that can work in your body as well as a medicine also used to reduce cramps: ibuprofen, which is nothing more than an anti-inflammatory.

Examples of foods that have analgesic action: Ginger, turmeric, olive oil, salmon, grapes and others.

Besides these tips and diets indicated by studies, we also know that some natural teas can guarantee a quick relief for weak cramps, such as: cinnamon, camomile, boldo, etc.

4. Thyme oil
About 84 students who ingested 25 drops of thyme oil during pain related to menstrual cramps, have shown a considerable reduction in abdominal pain in this study conducted by the University of Medical Sciences of Babol.

Some other oils, such as omega 3, may be helpful in reducing colic as they aid in the activation and blood circulation of the uterine vessels.

If you feel that your pains are very intense and still associated with other symptoms such as muscle aches, tingling in the body, severe headaches, vomiting and or diarrhea, seek medical advice as soon as possible, you may possess unknowingly Some type of illness related to the menstrual cycle that can impair your fertility. Watch out, watch yourself, watch out more!

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