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5 Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Normal, But You Need To Care For

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5 Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Normal, But You Need To Care For-dailyfamily.ng

5 Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Normal, But You Need To Care For
Here are the 5 symptoms of pregnancy that are strange, but normal. However, if they get worse, they become dangerous.

1. Normal constipation
Some women find it difficult to go to the bathroom, even before they are pregnant and the situation tends to get worse with the pregnancy. Research indicates that 38% of pregnant women suffer from constipation since intestinal constipation is a problem due to progesterone.

However, the situation can be improved with a healthier diet that is high in fiber and intake of too much liquid.

Abnormal constipation
When the stool is very dry they are usually shaped like balls, reaching the maximum degree of dryness and causing greater complications. There are cases of fecal cake hardening, that is, the formation of the fecaloma.

In these cases, it is necessary to use the suppository to be withdrawn. Treatment should be done at the hospital.

It can also occur that the pregnant woman tries her best to evacuate, causing an inflammation of the veins of the intestine, known as hemorrhoids. They tend to generate some discomfort. The doctor is the person most prepared to assist in this situation because he is aware of the health of his patient.

2. Normal cramping
In the first pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester, most pregnant women experience mild abdominal cramps and no bleeding. This may seem strange and even upsetting, however, they are normal. The cramps stop bothering between the eighth and tenth weeks of gestation, and this is caused by an adaptation of the uterus due to the growth of the fetus.

Abnormal cramps
When the cramps increase, making them painful and unbearable, also containing bleeding, this can be dangerous for both the pregnant and the fetus. The pregnant woman should be referred urgently for care, as it is up to the physician to evaluate the health of the mother and the fetus with specific exams.

3. Normal Bleeding
Generally, few drops of blood in the dark color are not as dangerous in pregnancy as there are cases of a wound in the cervix or a vessel that tends to stop bleeding spontaneously.

However, it is important to seek the qualified professional so that there is no doubt because when there is bleeding in pregnancy should always be seen as a warning sign. Only the doctor is the professional prepared to evaluate the situation of the bleeding, so it is up to him to decide what is best for the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Abnormal bleeding
According to scientific studies, the onset of gestation tends to be the most aggravating factor for spontaneous abortions. Regrettably, 15 to 20% of pregnant women experience this sadness.

Generally, abnormal bleeding arises in the pregnant woman when she suffers a blood loss in the bright red color and with clots. This is a very serious warning because it may be the result of a problem in the placenta, which may be detaching. However, it is up to the doctor alone to ascertain what caused the problem. He is prepared and able to deal with the situation.

4. Normal headache
Normally, pregnant women tend to be more sensitive and do not need much to make them feel stressed. Due to such situations, the headache that originates from the tension of the neck muscles appears. The best thing to do is to seek ways to relieve pain.

You also need to stay calm, avoid stressful situations, do stretches, especially in the neck area. However, the doctor needs to be aware of the situation, so it is possible to keep the pregnant and the fetus safe.

Abnormal headache
When a headache is intense and constant, seek help from the specialized professional, especially if there are other symptoms such as high blood pressure and blurred vision (difficulties to see clearly). Get medical help right away. There are cases of a violent increase in blood pressure, known as eclampsia.

5. Lack of normal air
Changes in the body of the pregnant woman tend to affect health in certain aspects which can sometimes lead to shortness of breath until the sixth month of pregnancy, as the uterus works to adapt the body, it pushes the intestine against the diaphragm and this does with difficulty breathing.

However, it is important to remember that this shortness of breath needs to be bearable and quiet. Practicing yoga can help in the re-education of breathing and also helps to make this shortness of breath light.

Shortness of breath
When the pregnant woman feels short of breath to the point of needing constant rest, this can be caused by respiratory or even cardiological diseases, such as asthma, pneumonia.

Seeking medical help is important because the doctor is able to diagnose what causes these problems, so you must seek help immediately for the welfare of the fetus and the pregnant.

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