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5 problems in marriage that can never be solved

by Family Center

5 problems in marriage that can never be solved
There are currently over 7 billion problems. That is, at least one for every living human being. To live is to have problems. The only people who do not have them are those who already rest in peace. So we have to learn to solve problems or to live with those who have no solution. If this is not the secret of happiness, at least it is peace.

Many couples who still love each other get separated because they do not know how to solve or manage problems. It is very naive to think that two people of different origin, with different personalities, baggage or expectations, will suddenly marry and live happily ever after without any conflict, no quarrel, no adjustment or without learning to give in and give up something for Of the relationship.
After all, there are problems that will never be solved. Here are 5 of them:

1. Crises
They come and go. They will never end. Whether it is a financial problem, be it health, or relationship, they will never cease to exist. But the important thing is to remember that none lasts forever and create the ability to deal with crises without letting the marriage shake.

2. An illness
It could be the husband, the wife or a child who is born sick. Sometimes an accident makes a spouse invalid and dependent for the rest of his or her life or a child is born with a severe disability. This is a problem that will never be solved and to deal with it is necessary maturity and detachment. Fleeing from such a situation is unthinkable.


3. Infertility
If despite all efforts a couple can not achieve the happiness of having a biological child, it is necessary to accept such fact and continue life. There are thousands of children dreaming of having a home. Adopt and feel all the joys of fatherhood. Invest in relationship and care with one another. Unfortunately, things do not always go as expected.

4. Family of the spouse
Relationship problems with the spouse’s parents or siblings are very common, unfortunately. However, it is good to remember that just as you love your family, your husband / wife also loves his / her family. So much empathy and understanding. After all, family is forever and the best thing to do is try to live or endure.

5. Individual personalities
When one is not very fond of the other’s personality, the famous “incompatibility of geniuses,” the usually sought course is divorce, when in fact it should be self-improvement. It is not necessary for two people to be totally equal for the relationship to work out. It is in the differences that one completes the other.

Do not expect everything to always go well, for there will be difficulties. However, if you and your spouse love and respect each other, you will have great satisfaction in marriage, and can overcome this problems.

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