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5 Quick solutions for menstrual cramps (pain)

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5 Quick solutions for menstrual cramps (pain)

Adenike Akindude

Most women can talk about their personal experience with menstrual cramps. As the menstrual cycle of women differs so also their experience with cramps also varies. 5 Quick solutions for menstrual cramps (pain)

Here are five ways to soothe the pain.

Do a tummy massage

Use your fingers to massage your stomach, start in small circles and continue slowly until you have made a big circle over your abdominal area. This can be done for two to four minutes to get a quick result.

Position yourself well

There are different positions that can ease menstrual pain. Lying on the stomach work perfectly for some. another posture is sitting with your knee towards your chest, this help relaxes abdominal muscle.

Use heat

Making use of heat works well in relieving menstrual cramps, apply heat to the area where the uterus contracts and the heat will relax the muscles and increase blood flow. Doing this will reduce the pain.

Use Vitamin E

Vitamin E reduces inflammation and pain in the body when going through painful menstrual periods. Use vitamin E two or three days before the period begins and it will ease the pain.

· Check your diet

To relieve period symptoms, eat foods that are rich in calcium. These foods include beans, green vegetables, almonds. You can also eat foods that contain antioxidants like tomatoes and also avoid processed foods.

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