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5 Quick things to do when you miss your flight

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5 Important things to note to avoid missing your flight -dailyfamily.ng

 One thing a business person hates the most where air travel is concerned is missing a flight.

Understandably, road traffic could cause frustration and disappointment, most especially in a city like Lagos. But then, missing a flight doesn’t necessarily need to get you off balance.

Here are five quick things to do after missing your flight:


  1. Check the Departure Boards

The departure board should be your first reference point. At times, one might have messed up the schedules. So, go and check first so as to be clear about the time arrangement for your flight. After your curiosity has been satisfied in this regard, go and check to see which airline is ready to travel to your destination.


  1. Ask the airline staff about your options

The fact that you missed your flight doesn’t mean your travel plan has been jeopardized. The next thing you need do in a situation like this is to meet with the airline company staff. They are in the best position to advise you on what to do in a time such as this. Depending on the reason why you missed your flight, you should reach out to the airline staff about your options before accepting your fate. You can make your decision based on their advice. But remember that you have favourable options if the reason for missing your flight deliberate.


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  1. Remain calm

I have seen some people broken down due to the fact that they missed their flight. The fact that you missed your flight shouldn’t disturb you. All you need do in a situation like this is to remain calm and rearrange your schedule. The fact that some people will need to pay an extra fee to fly again after missing their flight often cause them to start blaming themselves for some circumstances they can’t control. All you need this time is to remain calm and think logically about the way forward.


  1. Reschedule for another flight

When you seem to have exhausted all options there is to travel after missing a flight, you may need to reschedule for another available airline. Though this will attract an additional cost, you’d better reschedule and meet up your appointment.


  1. Make the call

Missing a flight shouldn’t get you fagged up. Relax your muscle and make the most important call for the moment letting whoever you are meeting with at your destination know that you’ve missed your flight.


Missing a flight is something you might not be able to run from totally if you have been at enmity with time. Airline operators are timely people and wouldn’t want to delay their passengers’ en route different destination as well. So the best thing you can do to save yourself from missing an important flight is to prepare yourself ahead your flight time so as to check into your seat early enough.

Though mistakes are bound to happen. But when it does surfaces, learn from it so it won’t repeat itself over and over again.

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