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5 Reasons you need to Travel when given leave at Workplace

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In this part of the world, some working class people do not regard travel as anything worth enjoying. The fact is that you can’t expend all your muscles into working twenty-four hours, seven days and twelve months without having some time off work to relax.

The most barbaric of them all is that, in a continent like Africa, workers trade off their leave entitlement for money.

Under the normal working condition, each employer be it in public or private establishment, allow a time of the year for you to go off work and relax. This period essentially is not meant for you to engage in other businesses, but a time for you to spend judiciously, travelling to parks, relaxation point and enjoying the beauty of nature at its very best.

Travelling during leave entitlement is very important because it broadens your horizons about the beauty of nature and also helps you relax your muscles from long time stress accumulated while working.

When you get your leave entitlement at your workplace, try travel to a place serene enough for you. You can turn it to a second honeymoon if you deem it fit, where you and your partner can have the best of time to ruminate over how love knit you both together.

There are several reasons why you need to travel on your next leave at your workplace. Here are some of those reasons which we think will excite you about travelling.


  1. It relaxes your mind

Travelling to places, new places set your mind at a relaxation mode. It commands all your body systems to cooperate with the new environment, causing that feeling of ease and warmth of being free from the usual daily routine.


  1. Get Inspiration

Aside from rest which it primarily gives you, travel also causes you to get inspired with new ideas. Some cool places can be a source of inspiration for you, quite streams, flowing river and mountain top can really be a good place for you.


  1. New experience

Just as it literally connotes, new experiences are gathered at travel destinations. You get to learn new stuff, new approach to life and have also, the first-time approach to some issues.


  1. You learn new culture

When you travel you get to learn new culture as it differs amongst people.


  1. Good feel of nature

You can never have a good feel of nature every day you go to work, but travel consciously gives you that.


Never you be amongst the lot that substitutes workplace leave for cash when you need to get your camper’s bag, tourist boot and map.

Come on friend, you need to travel.

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