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5 Reasons He No Longer Enjoys Your Intimacy

by Family Center

5 Reasons He No Longer Enjoys Your Intimacy
For some men, they loose sexual desires in their wives because so many reasons. They may not intentionally do it, or for some, they just go deep into it. Let us consider the various reasons he may have and how you can overcome it.

1. The bedroom is cold
When the bedroom is no longer having that good aroma it always used to have, it may begin to have its way cold for the sexual desire. The bedroom should be the most comfortable, clean and cozy place in your home.

2. Too much work
He just always be tired because of his several activities. So, when he is too busy and gets home tired, he will no longer want to engage in anything that has to do with a sexual desire.

So create rules that work ends at work, and home is for the family.

3. He no longer likes his body
Do you think as a lady you are the only one that contends with your body? Then as a man, you can also content with your body. When he no longer enjoys his body, then he may not desire any sexual passion.

It’s important for couples to take care of each other, exercise together and establish a healthy way of eating. As his wife, let him know you love every part of him just the way he is.

4. Depression
Depression can influence your man’s sexual desire. Symptoms of depression can sometimes be mistaken for something else, so pay close attention. If you suspect that your spouse is experiencing symptoms of depression, seek medical help.

5. Lack of chemistry

Some refer to this factor as lack of touch or chemistry, but this is more than that. When was the last time you and your husband really connected? Or had a real conversation that didn’t involve the kids or unpaid bills? Spend some time alone together talking about yourselves and your relationship to restart that lost connection. Enjoy his bosom, and you bask in her intimacy.

6. Pornography
Pornography twists and warps what sex should be between a couple. The use of pornography is extremely destructive to any relationship, and is a topic that can’t be ignored.

7. Tiredness
If tiredness being caused by too much work or a medical condition, find a way to get your energy back. It’s crucial that you both find a way to make room for intimacy in your lives for the sake of your marriage.

It is possible to bring back that spark again. Just improve on your love life an insist that you both enjoy the best from your marriage.

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