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5 Reasons Prince Charming Does not Exist

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5 Reasons Prince Charming Does not Exist
Many people, especially women, dream about the perfect companion. At a certain age, the girls began to share the pattern they already built of their charming prince. In most cases, it is driven by what you watch, see and read in the books.

Soon the frustrations appear, common in adolescence when they discover for the first time that this one was not its enchanting prince. There, she should have learned that princes do not exist, but no. She thinks he was not her prince. He keeps insisting, being disappointed, insisting and disappointed. Better to convince themselves that they exist, only in the stories, or at least here in real life they have another stereotype.

Learn why Prince Charming does not exist.

1. Princess does not exist
If there was Prince Charming, he would want a princess. If there was the perfect man, he would want a perfect woman. Therefore, we conclude that, since there are no princesses, no perfect women, there are no princes. We build the ideology of the handsome man, tall, thin, dressed like royalty, and riding with his white horse parading a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. This prince has no defects, only qualities. Impossible!

2. Life is not a fairy tale.
The image we draw in our heads with the support of films, drawings and stories does not fit into real life, after all we do not live in a fairy tale. How would that prince of the book fit into our kitchen after a Sunday lunch? Or at dawn when the baby does not stop crying and needs to change the diaper. Princes do not wash the dishes or change diapers, at least those that we find in the fairy tales.

3. Everyone has a frog thing
Even you. Are you going to tell me that you wake up beautiful like Cinderella? Is he as flawless as Snow White after giving that general in the house? No we are not. Every human being has its faults, odors, manias, habits and customs that are more for frog than for prince.

4. Real beauty is not real
Real beauty, that of royalty. This is not real. What makes the princes of fairy tales beautiful is a junction of things: hair in the wind, white teeth aligned, perfect skin, soft voice and at the same time authoritarian, power, wealth, origin, decoration of the castles, the castles, anyway!

On the other side of the wall, it is utopian to think that there is someone handsomely like a TV heartthrob, rich as an Arab Sheik, elegant as Obama, and intelligent as Einstein. Outside the castle, or rather, outside of history, the beauties are other, more real and more natural. Because the grass of the castle may be even greener, but perhaps it is artificial.

5. The “happily ever after” does not exist
Although the happy ending is possible, no one is happy forever. “Happily ever after” conveys the idea of “happy all the time.” The prince we meet in children’s books would not survive in a world where no one is happy all the time. In this context here is a daily and relentless rise-up. One day the sun shines, soon the rain falls; now the day is bright and soon gray.

In our lives it is the same way. There are times when everything goes well without warning everything starts to go wrong. Perhaps it is necessary to deconstruct the old ideology and build a new one, where the prince is able to truly live the commitment of “in health, in sickness, in wealth, in poverty and until death do them part.”

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