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5 Reasons Why Searching For An Apartment in Lagos is frustrating

by Okechukwu Liberty

5 Reasons Why Searching For An Apartment in Lagos is frustrating

Nothing is more aggravating than attempting to rent an apartment in Lagos.

As you are shown several flats in Lagos, you will notice some that will make you doubt the sanity of the person showing you these homes, but sadly, when you look at his face, you will notice that he has a straight face and is serious.

Lagos faces a slew of housing issues as a result of its overcrowding, and the government is doing nothing to address the problem.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Lagos, here are some problems you might likely face:

1. The agent’s transportation fare must be paid:

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, you’re in for a treat. You pay the transportation fare for yourself and the agent if you view roughly five residences. When I was looking for a property, the funny part for me was how he kept picking other ‘agents’ to show him other houses, and I had to pay for their transportation as well.

2. Being shown small, windowless houses:

Some Lagos landlords do not construct houses in the manner in which humans are expected to live in them. What other explanation do you have for a house with no windows? When I asked why there are no windows, the owner or the caretaker pointed to an entrance near the door.

On Twitter, there was a joke about someone going to look at a house that was too small, and when he complained to the agent, he told him that it only appeared small at first and that it will stretch out over time.

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3. Being shown a filthy, revolting dwelling or an unfinished structure:

Simple real estate politeness dictates that you clean up before showing someone an apartment, but these agents don’t seem to mind; they drag you into a dusty, filthy home and want you to consider moving in.

When a real estate salesman shows you an unfinished building, he is selling you hope, since how could I afford a house that isn’t even plastered?

4. Finding the ideal home, but the landlord is a devil:

Let’s imagine you locate a nice new place to rent, and just as you’re about to sign the lease, the landlord says something to put you off. Maybe he says you have to work in a bank or marry someone from a certain ethnic group, or he tells you when you should be at home and what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s all very exhausting.

5. Paying obscenely high agency fees:

After showing you some really bad but expensive apartments, you will still be requested to pay him money, and don’t forget that the agency charge is already 50% of the rent when you eventually obtain the apartment you want. Outrageous.

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