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5 Reasons Why Your Mother-in-Law Does not Love You

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5 Reasons Why Your Mother-in-Law Does not Love You
Do you always have problems with your Mother-in-Law? Then you are far from being alone. Some have complained that they have been a pain in the family and to themselves. Well, why are Mother-in-Law’s that way?

Check out the complaints that you and others have complained about in the past.

“She is manipulative and always wants attention”

“She does not respect my space”

“She gets into our decisions”

“She is jealous of her son”

“She does not support us at all”

And the mothers-in-law, what do they have to say?

The complaints are many, but I selected 5 that deserve special attention:

1. “My son-in-law abuses my daughter” or “My daughter-in-law makes my son a fool”
What motivation will this woman have to love her daughter-in-law or son-in-law and support this marriage if he / she is treated with cruelty, contempt and disregard for the person who should love him / her?

2. “My daughter-in-law throws my son against me” or “My son-in-law puts obstacles to my daughter coming to visit me”
It is undoubtedly cowardly to manipulate your spouse by throwing it against your own mother or by impeding communication between them.

3. “I feel that I am not welcomed in their house”
Many daughters-in-law and their sons-in-law leave the house or lock themselves in the room when the mother-in-law arrives. Either they do not feel the slightest shame of making faces, rolling their eyes and leaving their mother-in-law very embarrassed and willing to leave.

4. “My son-in-law is not caring for his family”, “My daughter-in-law does not value his home”
It is very difficult to raise a child with all love and care, and it ends up falling into the hands of an immature, selfish and relapsed woman who only thinks about having fun.

Who does not take care of the house, leaves the children on account, dirty and badly fed. She forgets that marriage requires a good deal of commitment and responsibility. But what matters most to her is to post selfish every half hour on social networks and interact with friends, and the family always stays for later.

It is so difficult for a mother to discover that her daughter has married a man who does not like to work, who does not assume the responsibilities inherent in marriage. Who prefers friends to family. Who spends the time he should be working, studying and looking for a job, playing or accessing social networks. It is a dream destroyed for both (mother and son / daughter).

How can this mother love someone who is ruining the family you have built with her son or daughter?

5. “I heard that he / she calls me a witch and talks about other bad things about me”
When you have a serious problem to solve, what usually do? Do you try to find ways to solve it directly with the person involved, or do nothing but spread to the four winds that have a “pineapple to peel”?

If your intention is to gossip or arouse the consternation of others, tell everyone how difficult your life is for having to endure an intrusive and jealous mother-in-law.

But if your intention is to really solve the problem and improve the relationship between you, the ONLY way to begin the relationship healing process is to dialogue with respect and sincerity.

Talk to your mother-in-law, tell us how you feel. And, especially, listen to it. Put yourself in her place and you will understand how she feels. If this is the case, strive to improve as a spouse. Strive to be the best possible husband / wife for your child.

If necessary, stipulate a few schedules about visiting times, care and education of the grandchildren, and other things that are affecting your relationship. But do it as gently as possible. Make it clear that you want and will strive to be a better son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

She will also be motivated to be a better mother-in-law. The tendency is that in a short time you will nurture very good feelings for each other.

Well, if your Mother-in-Law has a whole lot of things against you, then you should know that love and affection can conquer the world.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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