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5 Reasons You Should Say No To A Marriage Request

by Family Center

5 Reasons You Should Say No To A Marriage Request
You may see that he is so good and you want that relationship to work out, but however, you just should not go along with the marriage if you notice the below 5 reasons.

1. He is always the victim of something or someone
The man who becomes a victim is simply making excuses for his inactivity in any area of life. If he loses his job, the boss pursues him; If he leaves college, it is because his teachers hurt him. You should marry a man who solves problems, is responsible and matured. And above all, it overcomes its weaknesses without becoming bitter.

2. The request is an attempt to save the relationship
If the relationship is not going well, it is not an engagement that will make it better, much less marriage. Problems must be solved and this is the time for dating. It is for the adjustment of personalities and character. If something does not go well in dating, better finish and later avoid seeking help with therapists and even divorce.

3. He likes to look at others or see pornography
If you, woman, can handle it, the choice is yours. Many people say that this is normal, that everyone sees. But the effects of pornography on personal and marital life are known. It can become an addiction and destroy relationships. It is proven that the man who sees pornography regularly tends to be less affectionate with his wives. To know about the effects of pornography on marriage, read this article .

4. It’s because he thinks you serve him
He does not see her as the only one for him. He just wants to get married and you serve. Certainly not the role a wife wants to have in her husband’s life. You deserve to be loved, valued and not a “let’s see what’s going to happen” experiment. Surely you deserve more than that.

5. He is rude to his parents and grandparents
This is a strong sign of the kind of husband he will be to you. If he is rude to the people most important to him, he will be with you as well. Even though at the moment he is sweet, considerate and affectionate, after all in dating no one shows what he really is. As the ancients say, you have to eat a pound of salt with someone to know what he truly is.

Marriage is not an insitution that should b taken lightly or causal. Make sure you are convinced before you head into it.

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