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5 Reasons you shouldn’t be an absentee Father

by Family Center
5 Reasons you shouldn't be an absentee Father

Seeing cases of absentee fathers in families and homes today seems to be growing into a issue of great concern, setting into our culture and family.

Interestingly, children don’t only need a mother who will secure a fetus in her precious womb, but also a father who will work in support of the mother in the house to build good morals for the children, exalting godly attitude for them.

Being an absentee father is not palatable for any society if you care to know. It can be said to have been a contributing factor to quite some numbers of juvenile delinquencies in the world today.

Here are 5 good reasons you shouldn’t be an absentee father for whatever reason.

1. You are killing the country gradually
A single case of an absentee father will possibly lead to a child going wayward, armed robbery, forgery, embezzling public fund, assassination etc. You will observe that most of the guys used for political engineered killings, murder today are from children who are product of a dysfunctional homes where the father is absent.


2. You are leaving the work of two to one
Being an absentee father means you are leaving all the numerous functions you need to instill into your children to your wife. The honest truth is that, every children needs a biological father to live effectively and positive in life. When a father is not there, a child might sought after another male figure to replace his absent father.

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3. You are killing your wife gradually
Mothers are good nurse. You never would know how much they can do until you see a proper shower of love from them. But then, an absentee father can wear a committed wife out, leading to her death if she keeps going through the pressure of correcting a child or children tending towards the wrong path. The wife can develop a high blood pressure, heart attack or possibly think herself to a deteriorating state.

5 Reasons you shouldn't be an absentee Father

Boy alone on train track, Father walking away

4. Absentee fathers are hardly forgiven by affected children
If you will carefully study cases of absentee fathers whose children are been nursed and brought up by their mother, they hardly forgive their fathers even after he realize his wrong deed. The fact that those children have grown older to know who wasn’t around amongst their parents set in that hatred from them towards him (absentee father) and in the aftermath, it might take a longer time for that unforgiving attitude to cease in them.


5. You wont know your children
Knowing your children here doesn’t connote identifying them physically, but getting to know their make up, emotional responses or reasons they do what they do. This often makes the affected children bond faster with their mother who they have seen right from time as their hero.


An absentee father will hardly be well respected for whatever reason by her children. And even when both parties reconcile their differences and time comes to give honour to either the father or the mother, the affected children often refer faster to their mother than they will to their father since they have lived longer with her and have seen her meet all of their needs.

Note carefully, being an absentee father doesn’t only connote that a man is not physically present in a home, but being around and overly committed to something else at the expense of your children’s upbringing.

This article has not be written to scare the male folks, but to establish reasons being an absentee father Shouldn’t be an option for you.

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