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5 Safety Tips For Families during Flooding

by Family Center
5 Safety Tips For Families during Flood
 5 Safety Tips For Families during Flood

5 Safety Tips For Families during Flooding

The recurrent issue of floods in several states in Nigeria is gradually becoming a painful ordeal for families as lots of homes are losing their belongings to the devasting effect of the flood but then, there are precautions that can ensure that your family stays off the menace of flood most especially in this raining season.

Here 5 safety tips that can Keep your family Safe During flood.


  1.     Get your family enlightened about the effect of flood

Like we’ve always known it, the raining season comes with quite a lot of caution such that shouldn’t be underestimated for anything. The first thing you should do to prevent your family from the negative effect of the flood is to enlighten them on how it happens and the precautionary move when the flood is sighted or predicted.


  1. Switch off all Electrical gadget

It is dangerous to have your electrical appliances on during flood. As a matter of urgency, it should be the first thing you need to attend to. In doing this it is advisable that you turn off the power from the main source and gradually disconnect every other cable connected to the power source. Having your electrical appliances switched on can really be dangerous and could possibly lead to electrocution.


  1. Never step into places you are not sure of

Cases have been heard of people affected by flood who while rushing to get out of a flooded area stepped into large canal or drainage. This happens due to unfamiliarity with an area.  But for safety sake, it is wise for the person who is most familiar with a location not to take the lead.


  1.     Be Ready to Evacuate


There is no other option when the effect of the flood is high, You need to quickly evacuate. In cases like this, the best thing is just for you to evacuate even when the instruction has not been given to do so.


  1.     Don’t drive

Don’t think next of where your car key when there is a flood. You shouldn’t drive when the flood is at its peak. Driving in a seriously flooded area can get you stuck. But even when you drive and get stuck, pull up at a comfortable and less flooded.


The effect of the flood can really be devasting on life and properties nevertheless, holding on these precautionary steps listed above can save your family from the destructive effect of a flood.

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