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5 secrets couples hide from each other

by Family Center

5 secrets couples hide from each other
Well, it has been observed that some couples need to hide some few things from each other, not becuse they wish to, but because they are just needed. What are some of this?

1. Financial expenses
Most divorces happen due to lack of financial responsibility on the part of one of the spouses. This happens not only for what the partner extrapolated, but also for hiding the truth, pretending that everything was fine, when in fact, everything was going very badly and the whole family was deep in debt because someone did not have control over their Impulses and also did not use the wisdom to ask for help for the partner.

Imposing limits on family spending is central to happiness in the home, and it is up to parents to bring such lessons home by example, as many things can be expected, since they are superfluous, however, it is worth remembering that meeting the physical needs of Family is the responsibility of the parents.

2. Children’s mistakes
The responsibility of the home is directed to the husband and wife, as well as the education of the children, so what happens inside or outside the home that is related to the family needs to be shared by the father and the mother and both will ponder which decision should be The incident. This is what should happen, but it does not happen that way, since many women hide from the partners the mistakes of the children so that they are not punished.

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Unfortunately, these mothers do not only take away the authority and responsibility of the father in the lives of the children, but they also damage the education of the child who tends to grow up believing that it is best to hide the problems or run away from them than to confront them.

3. The relationship failures
There is no perfect couple who has never failed to partner with the beloved, for they all have their own peculiarities, so that at some point or another someone stumbles upon some weakness. This is normal, however, there are many who hide their shortcomings, hide their weaknesses and live a double life. There are those who, alongside the spouse, “happiness”, but when they are alone, they give in to discouragement, due to these weaknesses.5-secrets-couples-hide-from-each-other

However, there are special spouses who offer their best and constantly strive to help the spouse overcome the shortcomings. It is important to remember that it is up to the partner to have the courage and the humility to ask for help, since no one has to die “drowned and alone” when one has a love at his side.

4. Emotional exhaustion
All relationships suffer from a type of wear, however, there are situations where the spouse ends up absorbing all the energies of the partner and unfortunately there are men and women who usually hide this emotional wear and tear, caused by the constant failures of the partner.

Exposing feelings toward the relationship, even if they are not favorable, is essential to building a healthy relationship. We know that the union between couples is to add and add, however, the partner who sucks the spouse more subtracts than adds.

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5. Relationship Monotony
Every relationship faces a period of monotony. There are certain couples who dribble the situation and look for new things to rekindle the passion in the relationship, however, there are those who drown in the routine and do nothing to save the relationship, rather, they seek in divorce to escape for such a problem.

Well, you can decipher what is wrong with your spouce the next time he tells you, he cannot explain, or she is not in the mood to explain how she feels at the moment.

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