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5 Signs That Your Beef Is Damaged

by Family Center

5 Signs That Your Beef Is Damaged
Spoiled meat can transmit diseases like E-coli and Salmonella, which causes intoxication. What then are some ways to know when your meat is damaged?

1. Color of meat
The color of the meat can indicate whether the meat is damaged or not. It is important to check the expiration date, but spoiled meat does not have to be past the expiration date to be spoiled.

The ideal color of the flesh is purple-red, blood-colored. But in contact with the air, it can get darker. Depending on the type of part, the color varies. Avoid meat with a very dark or bright red color. Black or green colors on the surface of the flesh is a sign that bacteria have begun to grow.

2. Smell

Smell is the most important factor. According to CBN radio , experts say it is very difficult to disguise the smell of spoiled meat. Many meats are sold packed, so the consumer can buy the meat and once they get home they must remember to smell it. If the meat smells of stale, musty or any unpleasant odor, it should not be consumed.

3. Texture
Meat can not have a viscous or sticky texture. According to the CRPBZ, this is a sign that bacteria are beginning to multiply on the surface of meat.

Even after preparation, one must check if the meat has viscous pieces. Viscous pieces and spots on the inside indicate that the meat is bad.

4. Temperature
On the market, make sure that the meat is stored properly and has a low temperature. The temperature is of extreme importance to keep the meat fresh. Meat should never be kept in a warm environment. The temperature should always be less than 7 degrees.

CBN radio reported that consumers should also be careful in the way they refrigerate the meat at home. Keeping the meat in the refrigerator for 2, 3 days may suffer a contamination, since the temperature of a refrigerator at home may not be ideal.

5. Date of manufacture
Prefer to buy meat closer to the date of manufacture than the expiration date.

If you bought a meat and noticed that it is bad, take the product with the receipt back to the supermarket. Your health is important to us.

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