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5 Signs Of Breast Cancer That Women Need To Observe

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5 Signs Of Breast Cancer That Women Need To Observe
Every year, thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. For women, only lung cancer has a higher mortality rate than breast cancer. Although this type of cancer can be fatal, there are warning signs that can help detect it early on. Some of this includes:

1. The size of breasts
If the size of a breast increases significantly in a short time, this can be a warning sign. The breasts are usually of different sizes, but realizing a drastic increase in size or an abnormal change in shape can be something to worry about.

2. Swelling
Even if there is no lump present, swelling in the breast (even in a small area) is not a good sign. Swelling may also be accompanied by fever. If this is the case, your breasts will warm up, may become inflamed, turn red or purple, and swell. Tell your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms.

3. Abnormal nipples
Any secretion, other than breast milk, is not normal. Decreased sensitivity of the nipple is also something to take into account. Also, if the nipple retracts (the nipple goes in) or loses color, try to see the doctor.

4. Redness or itching

Having an uneven texture, such as “orange peel”, on your breast or nipple area may well be a symptom of cancer. If you have a severe itching in the breast and a visit to the dermatologist (and ointment) have not alleviated the symptoms, contact your doctor.

5. Notice a nodule
There are also benign (non-cancerous) nodules that form in the sinuses. But if you notice a mass (which you have not noticed before, or that looks harder than the lumps around you) schedule an examination. Remember to note if there is any abnormal mass near the armpits; Even if it is not in the breasts, may be breast cancer.

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Make sure that when you observe one or any of the above mentioned things, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

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