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5 Signs Of Cervical Cancer

by Family Center

5 Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Well, when you hear about cervical cancer, what readily comes to mind? It can be said that it is a common type of death that is next to the breast cancer in women. Cervical cancer is one that is highly contagious. It may be caused by some sexually transmitted infections and it is possible for it to go away. But before it goes, you should know some few causes of this.

1. Unusual discharge
When the cancer begin to grow in the crevice, it will begin to cause what is called an unusual discharge.

2. Bleeding
Cervical cancer grows on the walls of the cervix which can dry out and even crack, causing discomfort and bleeding. So, when next you have an excessive pain or a type of bleeding outside your menstrual period, then you be careful.

3. Anemia
when your eating habits have not changed, but you are always tired, then you should be very careful. It may be a cervical type of cancer.5-signs-cervical-cancer

4. Urinary problems
Urinary is a big problem that so many ladies face. It has been observed that as the cervix swells, the bladder and kidneys may begin to get compressed, which can begin to obstruct the passage of urine. Eventually, you no longer be able to completely empty your bladder, which may begin to cause pain and/or a urinary tract infection.

5. Weight Loss
When cancer begins in a patient, it has been observed that it can begin to affect the eating habit of an individual. So when food appetite begin to decrease, then it can indeed affect the weight of the patient.

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It will be pivotal to note that this above mentioned symptoms are not directly meaning that you have cervical cancer. But they indeed mean that you may have cervical cancer. Only a doctor can diagonize if you have it or not. So, visit your doctor more often.

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