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5 Signs to know he want to marry you

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5 Signs To Know That He is Attracted to You

Do you think he is already attracted to you even if he has just meet you once? Well, some take attraction for love, but let us consider five signs to know that he is already to you.

1. He always wants to be intimate
Every time you are together. He creates opportunities for that to happen. No matter how busy his work schedule, he tells you that after my tired work, can i hook up with you? Then he is indeed attracted to you. No matter how stressed you are, he also adds that it is possible for you guys to see. Then it is worth the effort he is putting in.

2. He complements you
Whatever you were, he seems attracted to it. He tells you that he likes your clothing. He selects the colours on the cloth and tells you how they fascinate him. Then there is a good possibility for you consider him, as he is already deeply attracted to you.5-signs-know-attracted

3. He loves staring at you
Whenever he is with you he always steers at you as he loves seeing your beautiful face. He tells you that despite the fact you are busy, he just wants to steal that smile from you.

4. He likes some physical contact
When he sees you, he wants some few hugs or kisses from you. He never minds a peck from that lady that fascinates him. Then he is already attracted to you. His actions just pushed his craving for you out.

5. He Looks you in the eye
When you are taking together, then he tells you that he just the look from the eye, then he is attracted to you. If you are both married, then you should know that he still loves and adore you for who you are.

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