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5 Signs Of Postpartum Depression

by Family Center

5 Signs Of Postpartum Depression
Listed below are 5 ALERT SIGNS for postpartum depression. If you experience these symptoms for more than two weeks, then run for medical help!

1. Disproportionate Sadness
You feel an intense and lasting sadness, which can be accompanied by crises of crying.

2. Dismay and feeling of incapacity
You do not have the courage to leave the house-often, not even in bed. He does not want to get dressed or take a shower. Your self-esteem is down there. You feel unable to perform the simplest tasks, such as bathing the baby, going to the market, and tidying up the house. Just wants to “hang up.”

3. Deregulated sleep and feeding
You feel like sleeping all day or you’re rolling in bed because sleep does not come. In the same way, an uncontrollable hunger may arise or you simply do not feel like eating. These changes in sleep and appetite end up causing changes in weight and appearance, which will further affect your self-esteem as well as your health.

4. Feeling of anger, rejection and disinterest for the baby – or excessive worry

Feeling angry that he does not stop crying after having done everything to calm him down can be, to some extent, normal. But if the anger is persistent and you no longer want the child around, you do not want to breastfeed, you can not bear to hear your cry anymore, that’s a worrying sign.

There is also the other side of the coin. You may become too preoccupied with the child, you do not want to leave her alone for a moment because you are afraid that she will die. If it ends up affecting your routine and your sleep, it’s another warning sign.

5. Suicidal thoughts and homicidal thoughts
Yes, postpartum depression, as well as other types of depression, makes the woman feel like disappearing, end her life. But some of them would like their baby to disappear , as reported by the journalist Fabiana for Glamor Magazine. “I went to a psychiatrist, who asked me if I thought my life was better before the pregnancy and if I had ever considered leaving my child, I would kill him. Could evolve into a psychosis. In a nutshell, there was a chance I would harm my son. “

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