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5 signs that your partner is distancing himself

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5 signs that your partner is distancing himself

It’s like talking to a wall, the feeling of when those on your side are becoming distant in your relationship.

Having a distant partner can be scary. You worry about what might have happened to cause such a change. So you want to know if you’re just imagining things as you two go about their lives together doing just the things that need to be done and nothing more.

Let’s look at 5 troubling signs that your partner is becoming distant in your relationship.

Check out the signs:
1. Less physical contact
There is probably little touch, hands, kisses, laughter or other forms of closeness. Basically, the fact that your partner becomes distant is resulting in lack of confidence, which means less contact. Trust is necessary for a couple to stick together, since becoming vulnerable is what made them so close in the first place.

If you feel insecure, you do not want to physically open up to the other. If there is a lack of affection or intimacy problems, seek the help of a therapist or to help you reconnect intimately with your love.

2. You do not know what’s going on.
The lack of communication between you is disturbing. You used to share everything about your day. If you saw someone or talked to them, you would tell them and they would do the same.

Now the lack of detail is frightening. Before, your partner was your best friend. Now you just want to be able to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to have a distant companion.

3. You are no longer the priority
Something or someone, has already taken their place at the top of the priority list, which was previously reserved just for you. What used to be your partner’s favorite pastime (fitting in with you) has now been replaced by an activity from which you are excluded.

And it hurts so much that it’s hard to admit that it happened to you. When your partner can not open up to you, they will find another outlet for your emotions. Emotional betrayal is real, and even if you are not telling what is happening, you may have found another friendly shoulder to take refuge. Your alarm should definitely ring this time.

4. Your partner no longer wants to have fun with you
Again, it has left you out of the fun you will have with other people, somewhere else. Have you really chosen not to participate, or does she suggest that you should not come this time and come up with a good reason? This could also be another sign of a painful reality.

5. You are no longer included in future plans
You should definitely be included in the future plans of the beloved. If you have been left out of the holiday plans for a weekend with friends, once in a while, that’s one thing, but being excluded from the plans with your family members is a worrying sign. After all, you are a member of the family when you are in a serious relationship.

If any of these other signs is clear to you, then your partner may be planning a future physically distant from you, in addition to being emotionally elsewhere. He may just be someone who needs a lot of independent space. They may be emotionally distant, by nature of their personality, not because they have the need to hide feelings when they withdraw from the relationship.

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