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5 Signs You May Have Diabetes But Still Do not Know

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 Natural ways to control your blood sugar levels

5 Signs You May Have Diabetes But Still Do not Know
There are several millions of Nigerians living with diabetics. From young to old, they all suffer from diabetics. It has been observed that several millions do not even know that they have this disease.

According to the Nigerian Society of doctors, diabetes is a disease characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, due to lack or failure of the hormone insulin, which causes glucose to be harnessed by the body’s cells. When there is a lack of insulin, the glucose gets accumulated in the blood causing hyperglycemia.

The body begins to send some signs that something is not right. According to a general practitioner, here are some of the main symptoms:

1. Excessive thirst and dry mouth

You feel a dry mouth and start to drink more fluid, but still, the dry mouth feel remains.

2. Excess of urine
From time to time, you go to urinate a lot more times a day. Then you need to be careful as you may just have some test to do in order to clarify the fact that you have it or not.

3. Lose weight for no apparent reason

You suddenly lose weight without changing your diet or having an exercise routine.

4. Increased appetite
There is also an uncontrolled increase in appetite despite weight loss.

5. Tiredness without reason or out of time

The tiredness comes suddenly even in the more routine tasks of day to day.

If you have these symptoms, seek a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment, as lack of control of diabetes can lead to vision problems, blood circulation and even death. An early detection will really help out in all ramifications.

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