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5 Steps You Must Go Through After a Break Up

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5 Steps You Must Go Through After a Break Up

The relationship is really good and never wanted it to end. Just after a while, you noticed that you started going far miles away. Do you think it is possible for you to overcome this? Well, let us discuss some few steps you will need to pass through after that break up.

1. Self-Denial
They lady finds it difficult to believe that the relationship just ended, and she will begin to contemplate that a whole lot of things are not just true. She denies the fact that both of you are not together at all in a relationship.

At this point, she just remembers all the lovely memories she has had in the past. Then she moves over to

2. Acceptance
This stage she accepts the fact that she is the relationship is over and that she can now put the pieces together. This pieces really have a lot of memories for her. She just imagines they never happened at all.

3. Loathing
Anything about him now irritates her and she coming to reality that she ever knew him. Just make sure that she does not have a picture of him on her phone as she is willing to break her phone and get him all over her.

She hates him and reign abuses on him saying why she knew or even loved him in the first place. This way, she indeed thinks that she dumped him, and him not dumping her at all. She makes a lot of excuses for the actions.

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4. Moving on
Now that reality can be seen, she moves on with life and enjoys all that life can bring to her. She just hopes that she will enjoy a lot of friends again. Her social life gets on, and she resurfaces with a set of new friends or the old friends are reminded that she still has a place for them.

She sees a way of getting over the past and making sure that it never repeats itself again. She is now happy she indeed did that.

5. Makes New Friends
She begins to have a circle of friends, and sees one in which she could be close to. She however had made the past history and the present her future.

Her story is worthwhile and she enjoys the new found friends she has.

Depending on the individual, you will notice that some take a longer time to heal, while others are quite shorter. Depending on you, determine which is the best time to heal and over come a break up.

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