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5 Symptoms Of A Stressed Child

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5 Symptoms of a Stressed Child
Many parents imagine that their stress does not affect their children, but studies show the opposite. The greater the stress of one or both parents, the greater the likelihood of the child suffering from this malady as well.

Because each person reacts differently to stress, it is possible for parents to never realize the difficulties children may be experiencing. Symptoms can be confused with other diagnoses like ADHD, viruses, relationship problems and others, and so it becomes difficult to be sure that it is the stress that is causing the bad in the child.

The most common symptoms associated are:

For parents, complaints may represent problems with vision or viral illnesses, but in 44% of children diagnosed with stress this is a common symptom. Watch for frequent complaints, mistrust that this is the reason and apply changes in the routine will make sure that this was really the reason.

Stomach pain
Like the previous item, complaints can be confused with other pathologies and problems. It may be some food that did not look good, hungry, or many other ideas. In the same research done with stressed children this symptom was also noticed in 44% of them.

Nightmares and insomnia
In the research, 38% of the children had symptoms related to sleep. Often the fear of sleeping can also indicate stress because the child ends up feeling insecure about having to be alone and awake or for fear of their bad dreams.

Intestinal problems
Diarrhea can be for several reasons, and often stress is not considered. It will cause this type of problem and may even be chronic in the child and affect its development.

Muscle tension
Much easier to observe in adults, it also occurs in children and is painful. It is difficult for parents to realize, because they may think when they hear their children complain about tiredness during the day, or that sports have become too intense for them, when in fact their muscles are stressed because of the stress they have suffered.

If the diagnosis can be difficult for parents and pediatricians, solving the problem can be much easier. Ideas like these can be inserted into the family routine and will benefit both the children and their parents:

Natural foods, especially citrus fruits, can help in relieving symptoms, unlike industrialized foods that accumulate toxins in the body.

Avoid allowing too much exposure of children to screens such as television, tablets and cell phones.

Find time to play with children according to their age group. Use board games and physical jokes and leave video games and tablets aside.

Weekends and holidays can bring opportunities to take children to places with more nature like parks or trips to the countryside.

Decrease child’s activities. The school already brings many challenges and perhaps the extra courses are causing anxieties and frustrations. The child’s balance must be found.

The practice of sports is also recommended for children, especially the one who identifies them the most. The lower the charge of outstanding charge, the better it will be for the unloading.

By helping the child cope with stress early on, parents can provide the development needed to overcome the setbacks of the future life in addition to improving their personal balance and success.

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