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5 Symptoms Of Heart Disease

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5 Symptoms Of Heart Disease
Heart disease or heart disease, if you think it only affects elderly people or very nervous people, is completely mistaken, the rates of people who suffer from them have been growing alarmingly in recent years.

Smoking was listed as the main cause, showing indicators 5 times higher than in non-smokers.

High cholesterol was also one of them.

Excessive consumption of alcohol.

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

In this way, how do I know if I am one of those millions of people who can suffer from heart disease? Watch for some more serious symptoms:

1. Extremely strong headache

There are 3 phases of heart disease, but usually the symptoms are noticed, especially in men, when they are in the most critical stage of the disease, phase 3.

For this reason, the specialist indicates that severe headaches, associated with other symptoms and causes such as obesity, high cholesterol and or sedentary lifestyle, should be analyzed as soon as possible.

2. Sudden tiredness or fatigue
Physical exercise favors our cardiovascular system, but the opposite is also true, lack of exercise can cause a sudden increase in heart rate.

We need to practice some kind of exercise in order to raise our heart rate.

3. Anxiety and shortness of breath

People who only and only suffer from chronic anxiety, may experience chest pain and sometimes even a small shortness of breath, symptoms that are intrinsically linked to angina, chest pains from anxiety.

However, if this shortness of breath persists to the point of adding other unpleasant symptoms such as: dizziness, high blood pressure, fainting.

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A medical investigation may be necessary, especially if this shortness of breath occurs at rest.

4. Chest pain and palpitations
Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms and best known to people related to heart disease, properly, since many of the fatal diseases can be manifested only by this onset symptom.

If you experience chest pain, followed by tingling, and this pain radiates to the left arm, accompanied by sweating, pallor and nausea, stay alert.

5. Gingivitis or oral problems
Oral problems such as periodontitis and gingivitis can trigger heart problems, because microorganisms lodged in the oral mucosa can deepen reaching blood vessels, causing infections in the tissues of the heart.

Therefore, maintaining proper oral hygiene also works well for the heart.

Another aspect closely related to heart disease that does not accurately indicate a symptom is the family history of heart disease, a specialist and physician, advises people with a family history to make more regular visits to the cardiologist at least once a year.

Let’s be alert and also alert people around us about these symptoms, so we can save our life, or who knows the life of someone very close to us, health is essential!

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