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5 Symptoms To Show That You Are In Your Fertile Period

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5 Symptoms To Show That You Are In Your Fertile Period
It is that time of the year again when you feel you are ovulating. So knowing your own body and the symptoms associated with ovulation are important both for those who want and those who do not want to get pregnant.

1. Increased libido
Due to the increase of the hormone progesterone during this period, the woman may feel more beautiful, more seductive and more disposed to sexual intercourse than in other periods. It is also common to feel more hungry.

2. Secretions
Greater moisture in the vaginal region can be perceived as well as a clear, viscous discharge, similar to the egg white that is released early in the period when the follicles begin to form. The agent responsible for secretion is a hormone called estradiol and is intended to facilitate the transit of sperm through the vaginal canal. It is nature giving its contribution to the perpetuation of the species.

3. Increased body temperature
The increase of progesterone due to the disruption of the follicles that release the eggs causes the body temperature to rise. The ideal is to measure still in bed. If the woman has measured every day, she will notice when there is an increase that is still small, realizing that she is in the fertile time.

4. Pain
Many women report a “pain in the belly” pain during a certain period of the month. Usually this pain is due to ovulation. The hormonal activity of estrogen and luteinizing hormone causes the ovaries to become larger.

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5. Oily skin
One of the signs most easily noticed by most women is the slightly more oily skin that gives rise to pimples and blackheads. Responsible is the hormone that increases libido.

This above mentioned points are observable signs indicating that you are ovulating and are ready for a child.

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