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5 Techniques That People Use For Flirting

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5 Techniques That People Use For Flirting
There are many recommendations and information on how to flirt effectively. To see if they really work, just put it into practice. It would be really sad if they were bad and the love of life was lost forever.

Thinking about it, the University of Saint Lewis, in the United States, conducted scientific research and found 5 infallible ways for a flirting to succeed. The techniques were duly tested and approved.

They are simple things that people do naturally. Through the knowledge that they really work, the person who wants to conquer another can benefit from these 5 techniques pointed out by the study:

1. Look into the eyes
Ancient romantic poetry already taught this lesson by stating the feelings of when the eyes meet. If there is interest from both, this eye contact becomes something magical able to reveal how pleasant the meeting is.

Care is taken not to look too much and all the time, this can embarrass the other person or make them feel threatened. Observing the reaction of others will help to know when the gaze is being welcomed or becoming uncomfortable.

2. Speak through the body
The person can perceive the interest through the posture that the other acquires. If it is firm, attractive and interesting, it will convey security and open the door to prolong the conversation. It is proven that body language is responsible for 55% success in an achievement. It is also easy to see when a person is in love with their posture.

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3. Ringtones
The two items above are already doing very well and the person really shows interest. A gentle touch on the arm can be the item that will allow flirting to evolve. Very intense attacks can scare and ruin the good tempo, but when a light touch is performed it can represent a good advance.

4. Imitation
Little known item, research has shown that when a repetition in posture occurs, the chances of pursuing a successful achievement increase. If the person has recumbent, waiting a moment and doing the same thing naturally will cause the attraction to increase. This is because she feels more comfortable. If it approaches, posture can be imitated as well.

5. Closing with the Golden Key
The four items have already happened and success seems imminent. Time to end with a strategic exit. Asking for a license and going to another environment will make the other person very interested. It is permissible to change phones and leave. This act will give rise to a much greater interest in flirting.

These techniques need to happen very naturally so that the person does not feel like a target to be hit. Ideally, interest should be mutual rather than just another achievement to tell history. And when it occurs in these ways the chances of success are widened.

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