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5 things About Marriage Infidels

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5 things About Marriage Infidels
Apparently, no matter how an infidelity happens, there are more things the unbelievers have in common: Things that they ALWAYS will go wrong.

There are five (at least) things that this group of people who decide to have an affair, while they are married or in a couple relationship, have in common:

1. They always regret not having the ability to value the person they had at their side
Infidels are selfish people who ALWAYS put what they want, feel and desire, above all (and all), even above themselves. The infidels have no problem putting absolutely at risk simply because they were in the mood.

Without the ability to think clearly, they focus on this new “target” they have found. And so, as a person with a gun in front of a target with only one idea: to shoot the closest to the center, this is how the infidels see their new conquest. This target is the only thing they see, and the rest disappear and turns into a noise in the background of your movie.

2. They repent of having thought that being unfaithful is a way to continue to feel DESIRED
The infidels are egocentric, but behind this facade of seduction and security, there is a BIG insecurity. The infidel, in general, is a person who in his single life has always used his seduction as a tool to measure the acceptance of others by him. They see their achievements as a score.

They dream of falling in love with someone and stop feeling this need to win over someone to see if they still have any value. Infidels fall in love, and most likely if you were a victim of infidelity, he or she was in love with you, the problem is that after a while they feel this “need” again to know if they are still irresistible and begin to try the temptation.

Everyone regrets having risked their family by a simple score that they logically understand does not work that way.

3. They repent of not having confessed to infidelity at the beginning thinking that they could dominate it

One of the most common mistakes of infidels is to have a certain complex of gods being able to control everything, or the naivety of a 3-year-old who thinks that by covering his eyes the other people in the room can not see it either.

4. They repent of having done so because no one else will give them total freedom for the rest of their lives
Infidels love freedom, and in their thinking, infidelity is a way of using that freedom they both love and enjoy. The problem is that once you have been unfaithful, your spouses and future spouses will NEVER give you freedom, nor will you trust them.

They repent that in their “attempt” to prove that they were still free, the only thing they achieve is life imprisonment. No one else can trust them.

5. They repent of the pain they have caused by someone who now only sees as an ERROR

The statistics show that marriages that start on the basis of a betrayal, that is, when an unbeliever decides to marry a lover, have a 75% chance of ending in divorce. Your chances of living happily after infidelity is almost nil.

Anyway, even if the lover has a wonderful body, it will never cease to be an ERROR, and no matter what they do, they most likely will not be happy together.

The infidels repent of having left the person they loved, whom they now see as an ERROR.

If you are thinking of being unfaithful, better not be, you have everything to lose.

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