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5 Things Every Son Wants From His Mother

by Family Center

5 Things Every Son Wants From His Mother
It has been noticed that the closeness between a father and a son is never the same between the mother and a son. According to reports, it was gathered that boys are more closer to their mothers than anyone in the family. They regard their mothers as their first love and then cherish them more.

Some have gone to a larger extent of wanting more attention from their mothers than from anyone in the family. When at happens, they share they bond that can never be broken or damaged.

What then do boys want or desire from their mothers?

1. Love
This point, boys realize that their mothers need to love them more than others. They also have the mind set that when they are loved more, then they will respond in return.

So tell your son how much you love him, and show it. It fosters greater unity.

2. Teaching.
You boy needs you to teach him some few metrics of life. Some of this includes how to relate at school, and treat the opposite sex when the time comes to that. Teach the difference between what is right and wrong, dependency and in dependency. Make him a man of his own, one you desire and like.

3. Space
The space we are talking about here is one for him to grow and exhibit a lot of good traits. When he has this, then it will mean you trust and know that e will do something better.

4. Correction
No correction is fun. But one done in love can be a lot better. So, try as much as possible to make sure that you correct him in love and affections. Say why you are correcting him, and what he should do the next time. Humiliating correction, on the other hand, produces the opposite effect.

5. Physical contact
Hug and kiss your child. Look into his eyes, smile at him and play and laugh with him. Let your son seek your hand when he needs support, and let him meet your eyes’ approval when he is feeling insecure. Make your arms available when he is happy or needs a shoulder to cry on.

When you do the above, then you are building a man out your boy.

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