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5 Things Every Woman Lacks in Pregnancy

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5 Things Every Woman Lacks in Pregnancy

5 Things Every Woman Lacks in Pregnancy
The gestation period of a child is something wonderful. A new world opens for a woman at this stage, but from the moment of the discovery of pregnancy until finally she can see the baby’s face for the first time many things happen in the mother’s head.

She is happy to carry a little baby with her, sometimes she may feel inadequate to play the role of mother, she can think of all the details she would like to do before the little one arrives, and at times she does not feel like doing anything else, just lying there enjoying the tummy and all the movements she does.

Despite all these controversial feelings, the love that a mother carries for her little baby already in her belly makes her want to offer the best to her little one, leaving her wishes and wishes aside if they can in any way disturb or disrupt the development of the baby.

Spending nine months in a gestation is not easy, although it is a happy time and expected by many, many moms miss their old habits over the course of months.

1. Sleeping on the stomach
Although some doctors still claim that early in pregnancy there is no problem lying down in this way, it is almost a maternal instinct for Moms to avoid this position.

Already at the end of pregnancy, with a large belly, the desire to lie on her stomach still increases and as soon as Mom returns home with her baby in her arms, she can not wait to bite long and spend a few hours in that position.

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2. Have a full night’s sleep
As the pregnancy advances, most pregnant women cannot sleep through the night uninterruptedly, because going to the restroom seems to happen very often at night.

3. Paint the hair
Most women nowadays use some feature to keep their wires prettier, however, the tinctures, lights, and straightening are most often forbidden during gestation and breastfeeding. So, it’s best to come up with a new way to make your hair look beautiful.

4. Wear your clothes
As the belly grows, the clothes of before begin to get strange in the body and will have to give place to clothes broader and loose. At this stage, every mother longs to return to her previous body and to miss the old clothes.

5. Agility
Climbing the stairs or walking faster becomes more difficult with all that belly and really at these times miss being more agile, but in a short time, you will have plenty of reasons to be faster chasing after the little one.

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