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5 Things To Make Him Love You More

by Family Center

5 Things To Make Him Love You More
It is the desire for every woman to have a man of her dream and to cherish that one so much. But are there some actions that shows that you don’t want him around, or want too much from him. What are some of this?

1. Trying to change everything about him.
As lovely as the relationship can be, it can be disheartening to realize that you really cannot change everything about a man. He changes, only if he feels he wants to. That goes to show that No matter how hard you pushes it, he will not change. So what can be done?

The woman has a power to inspire to change him to become so much better. So, engage in the inspiration action aspect than the demand for change.

2. He does not do the same thing you do

For years, you were brought up to engage in the same type of actions, but hoping to change him to your views will really take a lot of strength.

Don’t make him feel guilty for not enjoying what you feel you are enjoying. Just make sure that you don’t show lack of respect for him and contempt for his personality or upbringing.

3. Give up your passions.
Women are so smart that they can get their way around things. When you make him feel guilty to give up what he so much enjoys just to spend time with you, then he surely will do it, but at the expense of your relationship.

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He truly loves you, but you can be rest assured that you will not enjoy any bit of the relationship if he ends his passion.

4. Don’t become his sole responsibility.

When you are in a relationship, it is expected for love to reign supreme. He may feel moved to share some financial benefits to you on the grounds that he loves you. When you begin to become a materialist individual demanding everything and anything he wants, then you can be rest assured that it will harsh on you. So, don’t feel obligated to him to take care of everything you need. Let that come up with time.

5. Don’t expect him not to look at others
In a relationship, when you expect that you man should not look at other women and telling them they are beautiful, then you are overly possessive.

Make sure that you trust him to the extent that you are able to say that he just say it because they are indeed looking beautiful, and nothing is attached to it.

This tips are essential in keeping the relationship alive and active.

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