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5 Things Only A Mother Can Teach A Son

by Family Center

5 Things Only A Mother Can Teach A Son
Mothers should keep in mind that whatever they teach their sons children will someday benefit them and the whole society, and even more importantly, that benefit will extend to those whom their child will find, love and share their life.

1. Be good and to help others
Every child should be taught to be good, to share, to help, and to want good for others. When parents do not act that way, it’s no use talking. Mother, your child needs to see you being good and helping others. He must see you forgiving, respecting and speaking well of those around you. He must learn to be the first to help, to comfort and comfort those who suffer.

Also, he needs to see how you act when things do not happen the way you wanted them to. How you deal with frustrations. If you are a good loser or you are cursing the defeat and the winner. It will make a big difference in the way he will see the people around him.

2. He is special
He needs to understand with his help that he has great value and that there is none else exactly like him or that he will do things as he would. He needs to understand his uniqueness and his unique talents and abilities.

That he can and should control and change only himself. No one changes others and therefore he should neither try. That he should never compare himself to anyone but himself.

He also need to know that respecting others, just as they are, whether they are women, children, the elderly is a sign of integrity and strong character.

3. Dedication
Teach your child that he must have a goal for his life. That he must find his passions and that which elevates him. Be religious, academic, artistic, etc. And that he should dedicate himself to this, which means giving of himself, improving himself and doing very well. Wanting to be perfect is unreal, but pursuing excellence is something rewarding.

4. Be kind and respectful
Teach him that he should always be ready to stand up and defend what is right, to defend the weak, those who can not do it for themselves, to show kindness, kindness, and never to play with the feelings of the others. Not to laugh or to repeat racist, sexist, prejudiced and degrading jokes at all. And, that all this has greater value when no one is looking.

He must understand that these are characteristics of the strong. The weak and the little ones always slip into scorn, slander, mockery, dishonest or immoral behavior, bullying, and any other attempt to diminish the other to seem bigger.

5. We can not escape our responsibilities
Your child should understand that washing and ironing clothes, cooking, tidying and fixing things are important skills and not “women’s services” and that he must learn to make life easier. In addition, he must understand that the tasks to be accomplished in-house are meant to empower and train him to be self-sufficient. That fulfilling such tasks will teach you to fulfill your responsibilities in adulthood both at work and within your future family.

When a mother teaches her son this few basic things, then she is ready to combact the feeling of adequacy and become a man she wants him to be.

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