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5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Kids

by Family Center

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Kids
From the first to the fifth kid, it is normal for you to begin to change in the form and manner of your discipline to them. When the first comes, it is normal to be all strict with him, and by the time it is the last kid, probably the fifth, all the caution has been thrown to the wind.

It is now to consider some few things you should never teach your kids about.

1. Never teach them how to lie
A child wants to have his pills now, and you tell him that it is not bitter and in the actual sense, it is very bitter. How do you think the child will feel after taking that medication and getting to know that it is bitter?

Some parents have taken to saying untrue words to their kids in order to win them over. But this is not good as a small lie will generate to something bigger.

2. Never say yes always
All parents wants the best for their kids at all times, but it is quite hard for them to imagine that they can deny their wards something. So when your child demands something and you give him always, then you will be a puppet to him/her.

3. Do not label your kids

Just a singular act in the past does not mean that he or she is going to be a bad child all the days of her life. So when labeling your kid with a name, make sure that you its something good, and forgive for the past action.

4. Do not compare
Comparison is something that can be very damaging to the health of the kid. When you compare him/her to one other kid on the street or in the environment, then the feeling of worthlessness and adequateness will not be good at all. Make sure that you see what is good in him, and work with that.

5. Be truthful
So the home, there are some expressions that are not good for the kids. You had warned them not use it, and you go ahead to use it on them or on others. Then you will not be truthful. In a long while the barrier will be broken and then the home will be filled with such abusive terms and usage.

Bringing up a child requires a lot of attention and focus. Make sure you get to know what and when to say some words and engage in some actions that will really be good for the family.

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