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5 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Depressed

by Family Center

5 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Depressed

Depression has been said to be an act of not feeling happy or going under some bad conditions. At that point, all you want is someone to comfort you and also tell you hat all is well even in the well. Well, what should you say to that depressed person and what should not say? Let us consider some few tips.

1. You don’t have to kill yourself
When you say that then you are making them feel that they can just engage in that action if they had never thought about it in the past. When you tell such a depressed person such, it will increase the pain and make the individual know that you don’t understand what he/she is going through. Just make sure that you encourage the person to look at a brighter side towards life.

2. At least you don’t have this
When your statement is completed, then it can really mean that you are comparing him to a cancer patient or a terminally ill patient. The only comparison that should be done is the one that will make the person get out of that depressed state.

3. Just be happier
Sometimes, people forget the simple fact that being sad is just fine. It may be a way of you to get over the past or engage in a better course of action. So, when you tell them that just be happier, then you are saying that he is deliberating causing the sadness or pain he is going through by himself. Patience is a key to survival. Just make sure that you make him/her enjoy what it means to be happy at that time.5-things-never-say-someone-depressed

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4. There are people who have it worse
Have you forgotten tat disorder is a disorder and a personality trait or flaw? Then when you know this, it will make you know that everyone has a struggle to contend with and also challenges to face. So the above mentioned word can indeed affect the emotional well-being of the person.

5. You choose this
This is a very big statement as it can mean that the course or problem been faced at the moment was caused by the person. Have you forgotten that when you blame someone more after the person has come to realize his action, then you are inflicting more injury to the already bleeding wound?  Also, depression is not an inherited trait of your depression, so just stay calm as it is possible to overcome this.

If you feel that your depression is taking longer than expected, you may try as much as possible to see your doctor for better help.

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