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5 Things People Believe Before Having Kids

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5 Things People Believe Before Having Kids

Having a child is certainly an experience full of surprises. The discoveries and joys with the development of the little ones are many, but the biggest surprises can come when you remember everything you thought was true before having a child.

Statements like “I’ll just get him used with natural foods” or “I never try to calm my son with food!” And even “I never try to calm my son with foods that are not natural!” Are some examples of statements that can Be common until the moment you find yourself doing everything you deny. Learn about other things we believe in before we have children.

1. Newborns sleep throughout the day
Although newborns sleep a lot, about 18 hours a day, they do about 3-4 hours at a time, which means that they will wake up several times during the day and at night.

In addition, the intervals are not as smooth as they seem, as they are accompanied by crying, irritation, hunger and other signs that indicate that the baby is restless.

2. I will use my child only with natural and healthy foods
To believe that processed foods will not be part of the daily life of the little ones is a theory that generally does not apply to practice. Cooking and kneading vegetables every day or prepare baby food with fruit is a healthy way to teach children to eat healthily, but often can be impractical.

In addition, parents should remember that children also have a will of their own and may, rather, feel like eating other, less healthy things, which, while it should be controlled, is not wrong.

3. My social life will be full of new “mommy-friends”
It is common to see aspirants to motherhood sharing doubts and news. However, as soon as the baby is born, things tend to run rampant and moms do not stop chasing after their children, their children’s activities, or their children’s problems.

So, for the most part, friendships continue, but mommies tend to meet less often than they would like, which makes social life a bit limited.

4. I will never try to calm my son with food
“Food is a comfort for the soul,” the saying goes. But besides being a comfort to your soul, it can also comfort your child’s.

Therefore, although many people claim that in the face of a conflictive situation, in which the child is irritated and impatient, they will never use food to calm the child, food is often used as an aid to calm the moods. And it really works.

5. I will allow my husband and son to have a good relationship, without interrupting anything
This statement will be true until the moment your husband decides to make some fun with the baby or decide to give your child a cereal bar for lunch and you start to believe that he is trying to play with him as if playing with dolls.

However, in such cases, contain yourself and relax. He will continue to do all this and find the greatest grace.

It is worth mentioning that the routine after having a child varies from family to family, so wait for the moment to arrive and let your mother’s intuition speak louder, you will know how to act on time.

Enjoy your pregnancy and the yummy time in which you see your child evolving every day, each crawling.

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