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5 things that all women notice about men

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5 things that all women notice about men-dailyfamily.ng

5 things that all women notice about men
Many women have gone through bad days with their partners or ex, some still try and others have given up building a relationship. Thus, we must have a realistic attitude towards men, accept reality even when we do not like ourselves, adjust to the inevitable and try to start again, no matter where we have stopped.

Most women who have values, desire and long for happiness. As hard as it sometimes seems to be with a man, they are instrumental in making a woman feel complete and together they can build a family and live happy days.

We women repair many things in men, some of them tend to get closer and others keep us far from them. Here are 5 things we notice about them:

1. Physical
It would be a lie to say that we women are not also attracted by the physical appearance of a man. Like men, we women in the first instant look at outer beauty, but when we approach we seek more than traces, we seek content, that is, the essence and its values and not the superficial.

2. Smell
Women love clean, scented men. I know this because many friends confirmed the same thing to me when I asked them. And one of them told me that one of the points that weighed most when falling in love with her husband was his perfume. She reported that physical beauty did not attract her at first, but the smell certainly.

3. Education
The man can be beautiful and fragrant, however, if he is not educated, he will scare the women of values. We value women, we love men who treat us kindly, kindly, and we are intolerant of disrespect.

A woman who is subject to the rude man tends to be very needy. Watch out! Every woman must first love and value herself and then be loved and valued by a man.

4. Character
Character is one of the main targets that we value women in men, so we will always seek to find who is worth.

If a man is on the first date with a woman of value, she will watch him and if he does not find in him a firm and honorable character, believe me, he will not get a second chance with her. Because character can not be concealed, it is part of all that the person is.

5. Maturity
An immature man shuns compromises, but he also escapes reality when things get difficult. He avoids facing the adversities of a relationship. A man’s maturity tends to be a priority in things that value women most notice about them.

Women of value like mature men, this is not related to age, but to character, because a mature man is committed to his values and ideals. He does not waver in what he knows to be right and has positive attitudes about family and love. If you don’t have this qualities, try and look for them today and make sure that you imbibe them today.

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