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5 Things That Happens In A Fight Between Couples

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5 Things That Happens In A Fight Between Couples
1. Offenses
Decreasing the other is not healthy in no time. Being offended, one feels exactly as you labeled it at that moment. For example, if you name her as worthless, she will feel really useless. Which it certainly is not, because if it were you would not be together. You simply used an offensive term because you were hot-headed and possibly did not want to actually say what you said.

2. Speak only the defects. No one has only defects
No one is bad all the time. Why throw in the face all the defects at the time of the fight? To win the discussion. This is playing low and it is not normal. Keep the level and focus on solving the problem, do not hurt the other side.

3. Take all the consequences
Extending the conversation until the minds catch fire is not normal. It’s normal to know how to end and leave a discussion before things get worse. Prolonging the fight will increase the likelihood of appearances and curses.

4. Aggressions
Physical assault is a crime. Therefore, it is not normal during a fight that physical aggressions occur. Nor verbal assaults, which include name-calling, insults, and the feeling of harassment and decline.

5. Be still
The best remedy for a fight is to prevent it from happening. But being silent can be worse. Impossible to predict the reaction of individuals. By being ignored, the other may feel more offended and things get tense between you.

If you do not like fights and keep quiet in order to soften things, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. The ideal is to communicate and propose a conversation at another time.

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