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5 Things That Increases esophageal cancer

by Family Center

5 Things That Increases esophageal cancer
Some people cultivate habits or stop doing simple things that could prevent various types of cancer, especially the esophagus. Below are 6 habits that increase the risk of developing this disease:

1. Drinking very hot drinks
An announcement recently made by the World Health Organization, made the fans of hot drinks – especially the gauchos dangerous. Presenting the study by 23 experts, it was gathered that the consumption of very hot beverages [above 65 ° Celsius] is a probable cause of esophageal cancer, and is the Temperature – not the drink itself – which seems to be the cause”.

2. Eat ham, sausage, sausage and other sausages often
A few months after putting hot drinks in the air, WHO has pointed out other esophageal cancer villains are the sausages you eat for breakfast, afternoon snack and weekend barbecue.

Sausages increase the risk of stomach and esophagus cancer by containing nitrite as a preservative. Both nitrite and nitrate are preservatives with carcinogenic potential.

3. Eat few fruits and vegetables
The biggest reason to eat fruits and vegetables is that they help eliminate free radicals in the body, the great cause of various types Of cancer. Therefore, those who do not eat these foods regularly will have an increased risk of developing the disease.

4. Drinking alcoholic beverages

Ingestion of alcoholic beverages in any quantity and form of presentation [beer, wine, cachaça, etc.] can lead to cancer [among them esophageal cancer]. The chances of developing the disease, but the healthiest choice is not to drink or avoid it to the fullest. ”

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5. Smoking
Cigarette, cigar, pipe, among others is an important risk factor for esophageal cancer. People who smoke one or more packs of cigarettes per day have a double risk of adenocarcinoma of Esophagus, than a non-smoker. Allying smoking to alcohol intake makes the risk even greater.

Only those who have had cancer cases in the family are witnesses of the suffering that this disease brings. So the best thing to do is to avoid anything that might increase the risk of developing the disease. Start taking care of yourself and take better care of your family today!

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