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5 Things to consider before opting for inter-ethnic marriage

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5 Things to consider before opting for inter-ethnic marriage -dailyfamily.ng

To be married today in Nigeria or elsewhere there is the demand that intending couples love each other But then while trying to be married to your spouse, the family factor also play its way into the scene, hereby demanding that intending couple get approval from their parents.

Inter-ethnic marriage is beautiful and could be another way of strengthening the cord of happiness in a country, but then to be married as husband and wife from a different tribe, here are five cogent things to put in place.


  1. Love

No marriage ever thrives without love. Love is the principal thing. Even when either party involved in the marriage does something not pleasing, or when he or she begins to speak her language before her people, you wouldn’t get mad at her but instead appreciate the uniqueness of culture and move on with your happy married life.


  1. Have a primary language with which you both communicate

To live happily as husband and wife in an inter-ethnic marriage, there is the compulsory need for intending couples to have a primary language which both parties understand well enough and that which they and speak. Really, living together as husband and wife under one roof with language difference can be challenging, but when there is a dominant language with which you both communicate, there will be a better marital union between both of you.

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  1. Embrace your prospective in-laws


Love grows better in an atmosphere where people are not judged by the colour of their skin but by the countenance of their character. Inter-ethnic marriage is better enjoyed when you embrace your prospective in-laws. Be hospitable to them, and show them love, even in the face of pressing family challenges.


  1. Get to know your prospective in-law‘s belief

There are various family beliefs in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. For you to live happily while married to your spouse, you have to give your prospective in-law’s belief a good consideration as it plays a major role in strengthening the cord of a better union between the both of you.


  1. Are you accommodating?

You must be accommodating. You got to learn how to live with people without strife. Remember your marriage is not just about both of you, but still about your prospective family members too.

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