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5 Things That Will Not Make Your wedding As Good As Expected

by Family Center

5 Things That Will Not Make Your wedding As Good As Expected
Having a good marriage is the wish of all those who marry, but having a marriage that goes beyond good, has its secrets. Both must be engaged in achieving it. As the saying goes: “Ox alone does not pull a car.” Even from the ox cars comes the word spouse, that is, “under the same yoke.” The yoke is a piece of wood that serves to keep the two oxen together so they both pull the car or plow at the same time. Without the yoke, each ox would go wherever it wanted and the work would not be done.

So it is with marriage. A spouse alone will not make the marriage better. It is work for both. That is why it is necessary for you to do a few things to make your marriage better. Here are 5 things that will make your relationship even better.

1. Continue to date
Many act as if marriage is the end of courtship. In fact, it is an expansion of dating. Keep acting like you’re still dating. Get together for each other, go out together, have time for each other. Be polite, give yourself gifts, text messages, talk for a long time.

Recent research has shown that more than passion, what keeps couples together is their responsiveness. The famous “feedback” when the person feels heard and understood.

2. Know how to negotiate
Not always in the wedding everything will be 50/50. There will be days when one will be in the relationship by 90% and the other by 10%. On other days maybe 60/40. In those days you have to have waist play and know how to negotiate. And, learn to give way instead.

If he wants to go to the movies and you want to stay at home, negotiate. You go today, next time he stays with you snuggling on the couch. Or, if he visits the mothers every Sunday and you do not like it very much, combine to go Sunday yes, Sunday no. Negotiating everything works out.

3. Lower your voice
Every couple fight, that’s a fact, but let anger and rudeness dominate, can create an abyss between you. Screaming is aggressive, intimidating, abusive, shows lack of self-control and even lack of education. Besides, it hurts the other. Leave marks. So do not ever yell at each other. Unless the house is on fire.

4. Be grateful
Be grateful for the wonderful companion they have, after all this article assumes that you already have a very good marriage, but that you want it to be wonderful. Part of this is letting your spouse know that you are grateful to have him in your life.

Also thank the little things (or the big ones) that the other does for you. The more gratitude you show, the happier and motivated your partner will be and will want to do even more.

5. Serve
Charging or demanding does not work. The more you do for your spouse without demanding, without complaining, the more the other will also want to do things to please you.

Of course we all want to receive too, so the way to receive is to give, to give of oneself, to love and serve the other, to dedicate oneself to making him happy. Choose to love it.

If your marriage is already good, but still you do not do these 5 things above, do and see the result.

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