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5 Things You Must Keep Doing To Have A Solid Marriage

by Oba Samuel
5 Things You Must Keep Doing To Have A Solid Marriage

5 Things You Must Keep Doing To Have A Solid Marriage

-Bisi Adewale

Building a solid marriage entails doing the right thing continually which will promote friendship and affection. There are 5 things you must keep doing to have a solid marriage as a couple. These are:


You must pray with your spouse, and pray for him/her also. Couples that pray together stay together, longer and better. Praying together does two BINDING WORKS: it gets you closer to God and gets you closer to each other as husband and wife. Hand over your marriage to God and enjoy abundant rest. Wise couples pray. (Philippians 4:6)



Don’t base your marriage on experience. However, let wisdom be its reference point. Experience is not the best teacher in this regard. It only teaches when the failure has been recorded. Wisdom is the best teacher; learn. Keep on learning irrespective of the age of your marriage. No matter the state of your home, there is always something to learn. Be humble enough to learn. Wise couples learn.


  1. . TALKING

    Communication is the key to any human relationship. Things can only be sustained through its source. As fishes survive only in water and rats in the bushes, a relationship survives with communication. You started that marriage by talking. If you stop talking, you will destroy it. Talk positively, talk deeply, and talk effectively.


Love is very important in marriage. However, for it to thrive abundantly, it must be built on a strong foundation. That foundation is TRUST. It’s almost impossible to love someone you don’t trust.  According to a popular saying, “no trust, no love”. This is very true. As married couples, you should build trust in your marriage, be trustworthy, be open to each other, and be transparent. Trust may not flow naturally. It can be purchased with the currencies of honesty, truth and integrity.


Don’t just play together, romance each other. Touch each other; spend time with each other; look at each other; hug generously; hold hands; joke; kiss! Who said you cannot play? Unfortunately, most adults have lost their “play instinct”. However, playfulness is key. Just be a little bit Child-like or even Childish with each other. Be romantically playful and let sex flow naturally in your marriage.

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