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5 Things You Must Never Say When Proposing To A Lady

by O. S David

5 Things You Must Never Say When Proposing To A Lady

By Oba Samuel

In proposing to ladies, many guys make blunders that make them lose beautiful and godly wife materials. Below are five statements guys must never make during proposal:

#1 Don’t say your breast or back side attracts me to you:

It is a dead on arrival for a guy to tell a lady that it is her big breast and back-side that attracts her to you because she will see you as a sex hunter who is seeking for a way to take her to bed and leave her for another breast.

#2 If you agree to marry me I will leave other girls:

Telling a lady you are wooing that if she gives her consent, you will jettison your relationship with other girls will only portray you as a relationship virus. Good girls hate playboys, a statement like this will make her think you are a playboy and a serial heartbreaker.

#3 I will buy you a car:

Trying to win a lady for the first time with a statement like ‘’ I will buy you a car’’ will only depict you as a proud and oppressor.

No matter how you press her, she had already formed a negative opinion concerning you.

#4 l will take you to Dubai for Shopping:

Responsible ladies are not moved by what you have but who you are. So, trying to impress a lady with a trip to Dubai will only dent your image before a decent lady. Even if you can afford it, they prefer you act like Eddy Murphy in Coming to America than blowing your trumpet to the whole world.

#5 You Had better say yes else someone better than you will get me:

Some guys make this mistake thinking they can use it to impress a lady without knowing that it will only paint them black as the girl in question will see you as a ladies’ guy, and a polygamist.

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