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5 Things You Should Not Do To A Newborn

by Family Center

5 Things You Should Not Do To A Newborn
The baby is a new member in the family and now, he/she is seeing the environment as strange. A lot of persons are coming to commensurate with the family on the lovely arrival of the new baby. Are there some things you should do and not do?

1. Don’t allow anyone kiss the baby
Yes, kissing can affect the baby. At this point, there a lot of bacteria’s and virus that can be given to your child from other kissing him/her. Their immune system is quite low or weak, and so, it may be very difficult to make sure they are well taken out of sickness.

Also, when others visit, makes sure that they do not carry the baby with their dirty hands, a good sanitize will suffice in order to make them healthy and clean from germs.

2. Don’t change things
Because the baby is just coming does not mean that activities should change. Allow the same flow of activities take place. Never say that others should stop using the TV, or reading the books, or chatting or talking at home in order to reduce the silence. No, it will not help the baby. This will just increase the level at which the make up of the body is destroyed.

The baby notices the environment, and then adapts to it the best way he/she can. Don’t worry if he has noisy little siblings; the sooner your new baby gets used to the noise of the day, the better he will sleep, no matter the time.

3. Don’t leave the diper dirty for too long

Diaper rash is a something common to babies. For the first six months, they will begin to get used to the strange element you use to clean up the baby. So when a diaper is wet or have excrete there, there prompt action should be taken to fix it up immediately. This leaves the baby clean and healthy.

4. Don’t use a pacifier.
Your baby was born with a strong instinct to suck, and your breast milk is the best food for him. Sucking on a pacifier too early can create confusion with their eating schedules. Your baby is used to your body heat, heartbeat and your scent. Breastfeeding is a comfortable experience for your newborn.

If you cant breast feed your baby, then you should ask your doctor to specify the right type of food which equals that of the baby.

5. Dont skip doctors appointements
Thise are the building bones of the baby. Thius time come rain or sun, the doctors appointments helps the baby to be stabilized as some medications or checkups at the due date are essential for his/her survival. This way, you will be know the abnormalities and noralities in yiur child

This are some few tips in helping mothers with a new baby, and fathers in helping their wives out. Treat the new strabger as a good member of the family.

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