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5 Tips On Getting Your Baby To Sleep

by Family Center

5 Tips On Getting Your Baby To Sleep
It is the normal custom for the mother to rock the baby to sleep. Do you think that as a father it is possible for you to rock your baby to sleep?

At the third month, it has been observed that you get to barely cannot sleep at all because just one part of the family has to stay awake all night. When as a father can you help out? Or what can be done to make the baby sleep more?

1. Use a warm towel
What might be bothering your baby is the cold of his sheets after the warmth of your arms. Doctors discourage parents from using blankets for at least a year after birth. Instead, doctors suggest warm pajamas or swaddling. You could also try running a towel through the dryer and setting it on the sheets for a few minutes before bed. Be sure you remove it before lying your little one down to sleep.

2. Switch roles
The mum has been the only one to rock the baby to sleep. Now it’s the turn of the father to read some bed time stories in order to have a bound with the baby. Bedtime can be a good chance for dad and baby to have one-on-one interactions, which will help build a stronger relationship.

3. keep the room dust free
When the room is dust free, then it is possible for the baby have nasal congestion’s and breathing heavily. Dust frequently and remove fuzzy blankets and animals that might attract dust to help baby sleep better.

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4. Check the baby bedtime
Is your baby going to sleep too early, then it is time for you to make him sleep a little longer. When that is done, it will also allow you sleep for some period of time.

5. Be flexible
From the above, you can try out different types and methods of making the baby sleep. Some love watching a movie before sleep, while others wants a book read, and others just wants a some rocking. Which do your baby prefer? Then determine it and be flexible with that?

When your baby has difficulty in sleeping, then you can find an alternative to that.

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