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5 Tips For You To Know How To Make Hair Stop Hanging

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5 Tips For You To Know How To Make Hair Stop Hanging
This is a question of many women and probably yours too since you are reading this article. Know that before you bet on expensive products or complicated recipes, it is important to observe your habits.

What you do, what you feel and even what you eat can interfere with the health of your hair.

Want to know how to make hair stop falling with 5 simple habits change tips?

1. Do not lie down with wet hair
If you have the habit of washing your hair before bed and are lying with them wet, this may be causing an increase in the falling of the wires.

Your scalp does not dry well at night because it gets stuffy on the pillow.

Thus, getting very humid, creates a favorable environment for fungi that proliferate and weaken the root of hair.

You do not have to stop washing your hair before bed, but avoid lying down while your head is not dry. A dryer at warm temperature may help.

2. Pay attention to how you wash your head
Leave a little conditioning on the strands, contrary to what many people think, does not make hair silky.

When you apply the shampoo, the scales of the threads open for the conditioner to penetrate and do a capillary regeneration.

When rinsing the conditioner, the scales of the threads close again and leave their entire structure protected.

If you leave a little conditioner on the wires, they will not be completely sealed, that is, they will be unprotected, brittle and dry, which will increase the fall.

3. See how to stop hair from falling by changing the food
Foods with a lot of fat contribute to capillary oiliness and therefore can cause the wires to fall more frequently.

Replacing fatty foods and exchanging the fried portions for grilled portions, in addition to contributing to the health of the yams, will leave your body healthier as well.

4. Relax!
Although it may seem difficult, trying to control day-to-day stress can help restore the health of the locks.

Practicing regular physical activity helps to relax the mind and oxygenate the cells, in addition to releasing the hormone endorphin, responsible for the feeling of happiness.

In addition, well-oxygenated cells carry more nutrients to the hair and improve overall health.

Doing meditation, traveling, giving yourself pleasure, and having self-love can also help you fight stress.

5. Make sure your hair is always clean
How to stop hair from falling if you leave the hair dirty and unprotected?

Keeping the wires always clean is essential for the health of the wires.

The scalp has a natural oiliness that must be preserved, so washing the hair in exaggeration can also be harmful.

Experts indicate that those who have shorter hair can wash every day.

If you have long hair, you can wash it every other day.

Both excess oiliness and excessive cleansing are detrimental to the hair, so just use common sense to have always beautiful and healthy locks.

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