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5 Top Safaris your family can visit in Africa

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5 Top Safaris your family can visit in Africa

Visiting the wild is best enjoyed when animals and nature are left to take care of itself without much patches of human makeup to make it look like what it is not.

Calling for nature at its unrefined state interest travellers more than working things up to look real.

The beauty of Safaris is in its raw form and one of the best places in the world where life could best be enjoyed when on a trip to the wild is the black continent, Africa.

There is no doubt wheresoever that Africa is bestowed with great tourist destinations. And then, it won’t be difficult to find a safari destination to visit in the continent.  Tourists get to experience the sights and sounds of animals better when left in their untapped and natural habitat. And to be really sincere with yourself, you all will agree on an indisputable note that there is nothing more thrilling like an African safari.

In this article of ours, here are some interesting 5 safaris in Africa you won’t stop thinking about after the first visit.


Kruger National Park in South Africa

Situated in the northeast of the South Africa on the Mozambique border, Kruger National Park is going to ease you into a fun so thrilling like you never had it before. Going on an African Safari for the first time? This is the best option for you. Tourist gets to catch a good fun and real time feels of lifestyle, life in the wild in such a relaxing way. At Kruger National Park, Tourist has the privilege to select from a wide range of variety of hotels that suits their lifestyle. Kruger national park boast of a large diversity of mammals and bird life are serving to brim to mind one of the most beautiful parts of the Zambezi Valley. Though until recently the area was solely inhabited by hunters, smugglers and the local tribe’s people, the Makuleke. But at present boast of 20 exquisite thatch-covered tent rooms, all of which look onto the river, and are joined to the dining area and other communal facilities by raised walkways. It is one of the parks and the most populous in South Africa where you get to see some endangered species like wild dogs and Cheetahs.


Masai Mara National Park in Kenya

Masai Mara covers over 1,500 square kilometres. It is arguably the most popular safari destinations in Africa where wildlife is best experienced. To the extreme southwest, it shares a border with the nation of Tanzania. Do you want to have a beautiful photograph of a leopard sunbathing on the tree? Oh, you are sure to be able to photograph it here. No wonder BBC chose it for its Big Cat Diary television series.  You can see the Big Five including Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, and Leopard.


Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

It might interest you to know that Masai Mara is not far in distance from Serengeti National park. It might be one of those reasons why the two safaris often compete to get the attention of tourist always.  The open field in Serengeti National park makes it easier for tourists to watch wild animals in action. It is one of those interesting safaris that gives you almost the same fun as Masai Mara, though larger than Masai Mara, and as such it often feels less crowded. It might interest you also to note that Serengeti is believed to hold the largest population of lions in Africa due in part to the abundance of prey species. More than 3,000 lions live in this ecosystem.


Yankari Games Reserve in Nigeria

Yankari game reserve is one of that tourist desired destination where aside wildlife, wandering all around nature seems to be more fun than seeing wildlife.

It holds the largest surviving elephant population in Nigeria. In addition, Yankari Game Reserve also supports important populations of Lion, Buffalo, Hippo, Roan, and Hartebeest. The reserve covers a total area of 2,244 km. Located in the North Eastern state of Bauchi State, Yankari National Park hosted over 20,000 tourists from over 100 countries in the year 2000.


Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe

The Matobo National Park forms the core of the Matobo or Matopos Hills. The Matobo Hills is an area of high botanic diversity, with over 200 species of tree recorded in the park, including the mountain acacia, wild pear and the paperback tree. There are also many aloes, wild herbs and over 100 grass species.

The park boost more of the beautiful architectural landscape than having games reserves although it seems to be wearing a new look now as it is being restocked from time to time. Games can be seen now throughout the park, with regular sightings of white rhino, sable antelope and impala. However, the best viewing is to be had in the 105 km2 Game.

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