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5 Truths Men Don’t Tell Their Wives

by Oba Samuel
5 Truths Men Don’t Tell Their Wives

5 Truths Men Don’t Tell Their Wives

-By Oba Samuel

In men’s world, there are words they find difficult to say to their wives.

During courtship, men can be very expressive but once married, most husband rarely expresses themselves to their wives.

To know the seven truths men don’t tell their wives, read below:

  1. You Are The Most Beautiful: In courtship, men can tell their baby ‘’you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world’’ umpteenth time but after honeymoon such complimentary becomes an alien in their everyday language to their wives. Instead, most husbands say it to other women, neighbours or colleagues at work.
  2. I Will Not Leave You For Another Lady: In marriage, most wives have secret fears that their husband may abandon them, especially if the man is excelling in his business or career. So, they will love to hear words like ‘’I will not leave you for another lady’’ as this will give them assurance of security in that marriage but it’s quite unfortunate that men will not say such to their wives.
  3. I Really Miss You: Whenever you hear the statement ‘’I really miss you” it’s either coming from Children to parents or from two unmarried lovebirds. This is so because most married men don’t tell their wives, even if they really miss her. Women really love to hear it but most men see it as a childish expression. It is not childish to tell your wife I really miss you. Genuine husbands and lovers do so.
  4. I Am Not Comfortable With Your Male Friends: Due to nature of job or Church commitments, some married women have many male friends. Some husbands don’t feel secured seeing their wife with opposite sex and they find it hard to tell their wives. Instead, they will become unnecessarily angry over little things. Even if your husband did not say it, read his body language and take the necessary step to save your marriage because men can be jealous too.
  5. You Are Not Friendly During Your Premenstrual Tension (PMT): Most women are unpleasant during their PMT as they become touchy, emotionally dry, scary, irritable and unfriendly. Most men do find it difficult to inform their wives how they feel, many often resort to avoidance game with their wife while the period lasts.



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