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5 Types Of Conversations You Should Not Have With Your Child

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5 Types Of Conversations You Should Not Have With Your Child

It is true that you want to discuss some issues with your husband at the comfort of your home. But it will be pertinent to note that there are some types of conversations that you should not say at all to your child or in the presence of your child. What are some of this? Well, let’s consider just a few.

1. Arguments
It as been observed that when you argue with your spouse in the presence of your child, then you will make them belittle the other individual in question. You should be rest assured that when you argue in front of your children, then you are expected to apologies for the actions taken, or try to change the topic in a swift or apologetic manner.

2. Financial matters.
Finance is a major problem of disagreement in several families. It has been gathered that finance form over 70% of families problems. It is best to tell your child about finance issue before hand or not say it to her/him in the presence of your spouse.

3. Gossips
Gossips they say makes a conversation interesting, but it can also tear down a relationship. It has been observed from research that non-working class women spend 10-15 hours in a day gossiping about others or events. When you gossip in front of your kids, then you will make them have negative views about others or the topic under consideration.


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4. Criticism of Children
When you criticize your children to much then you will not be able to bring out the best in them, or the best of what they can offer. Make sure that you give them a constructive criticism and also insist that your criticism is a show of love and not a lack of it. If it is getting beyond hands, make sure that you talk to them with someone else whom you trust.

5. Negative talks
When you talk about negative talks, then you need to picture yourself with as if you are your kids. When you say negative talks, it can reduce their outlook towards life.

So, when next you want to have any of the above mentioned discussions insist that you don’t say them in the presence of your kids or little ones that matter.

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