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5 Types Of Toxic Friends You Don’t Need

by Family Center

5 Types Of Toxic Friends You Don’t Need
There are several types of people that are part of our lives, people with very different life baggage from each other, some we can call toxic friendship. Many of these friendships have great influence on our lives. But what allows these kinds of people who do so much harm to us to stay so close?

1. They are envious
You like your defeats much more than your victories, they believe they deserve all of their success, and rarely can they thrill with their joys and achievements. Even if you try to make that kind of person vibrate with you, they prefer to make you feel bad.

2. They live unsatisfied
For people of this type, nothing is good, no one is good enough, they believe that everyone should be criticized at all times. The motto of this type of person is to reproach and never praise or acknowledge anything good.

And if you keep insisting on changing the vision of this kind of person, she does not really understand, for she is a terrible listener. So with this kind of person avoid talking about your projects so your destructive comments will not interfere with your success.

3. They are gossips
Gossiping people are usually unsafe. They are people who want to be accepted and recognized. But for them, gossip is a way to get the attention they so badly want.

4. They are like parasites
These feed on you, are those who support you only in situations that can take some advantage. And they are always earning something by being close to you. And they are not enough, they are always exchanging friendships and they stick on people like a parasite, they do not breathe on their own anymore.

5. Make themselves victims
This type of person never does anything to anyone, is always the victim in practically every situation. Did anyone come up in your mind when you were reading some of the toxic people models?

Yeah, so you know how to handle this, right? Moving away from this kind of person. And if it is not possible, do not share your dreams with her, for this type of person always finds a negative thing to speak and to despise and never to elevate.

Now that you have broadened your perception further, continue to live positively, that makes all the difference.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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