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5 Unbelievable ways to maximize Lagos Traffic time

by Family Center

Lagos is one of the most congested cities in the world. Commuting from one place to another could really be challenging owing much to some hectic traffic in experienced in the state.

In a publication on the PUNCH Newspaper, a Lagos-based transport firm, Planet Projects in a statistic said that residents of Lagos, spend an average of seven hours 20 minutes in traffic every day. At least three of every 10 years spent in Lagos is lost to traffic.

But then it occurs to us that, even as time seemingly waste in the traffic, there is fun you can catch even while the situation might seemingly look unpleasant.

Find below, 5 class of fun you can have while in Lagos traffic.


  1. Read an Ebook

The traffic may not reduce like you projected, but one thing so sure is the fact that time could be saved reading. Time spent judiciously reading books adds more knowledge to us as it was one big gain for UK’s celebrated author of renown fictional series Harry Porter.


  1. Chat up a long time friend

Instead of venting your spleen on the bad road network or the government, why not tell a friend via a chat on Facebook, WhatsApp or start tweeting about it on Twitter. You feel more okay doing these than holding grudges against some group of people you can’t see.


  1. Play a game

If you don’t want to do any of the aforementioned, at least you should be able to play a good game. Games often give us that relaxation feel of leisure and rejuvenate our mind back on our focus all time we engage in it. Do you even know it is one of the easiest ways to while away time?


  1. Write a short story

There are several inspirations flying in the air, looking for a finger to perch on. Why not be that finger.  One of the ways to get hold of those flying inspiration is to get a pen to write or a Smartphone to do it quick.  Life gets better when people know that there is an idea they can leverage upon, via your creative works of imagination. So friends, leverage on the traffic time. If you care to know, the popular fictional title Harry Porter, came to be as a result of J k Rowling’s writing time while in transit.


  1. Pray

It is so unfortunate that people have tagged the church to be the only place of prayer when you can, of course, pray in transit. Are you surprise? Don’t be, praying in the bus doesn’t mean you have to shout the name of Jesus so loud to disturb others. All there is for you to know is simply to know how to pray silently under your breath. To do this, you activate your spirit man, making quiet utterances under your breath such that other passengers won’t be disturbed. In doing this, you have just made your spirit man happy.

Lagos Traffic shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dream, catch fun or enjoy the best of time when you get to understand all of these.

Therefore with all that have been mentioned above, we can boldly tell you that your time will be well banked and cashed out for you in good returns.

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