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5 Unpleasant things being a ‘Slaymama’ can do to you or your Family

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5 Unpleasant things being a 'Slaymama' can do to you or your Family

5 Unpleasant things being a ‘Slaymama’ can do to you or your Family

It is Incredible to note that so many phrases are sneaking into the mind of our young people today courtesy the social media and eventually these phrases are running on the subconscious of an average young person leading such victim into doing the ‘unnecessary’.

If you are adept with the internet today and especially the social media, you must have come across the word ‘Slaymama’.

It is so unfortunate the female folks are the ones this phrase speaks more about (never trying to be rude).


Who is a Slaymama?

Defining first the word slay;

According to its dictionary meaning the word ‘slay’ originally means to kill something. In the context of fashion, it can also mean (to look dapper in your shoes, clothing, jewellery etc.)

According to several contributions and from the way it has been used over time, the word ‘slaymama’ means a woman who is a fashion freak and could do everything possible to look dapper. If you study well enough, slaymamas often want to be seen everywhere. They believe so much in getting the latest designers so as to stay ahead of their peers, brag or even catch up with status quo.

But then, we want you to read through these 5 Unpleasant things being a ‘Slaymama’ can do to you or your Family


  1. Slaymamas hardly have time for their family. It is often one social event to the other, red carpet today, Dubai tomorrow all at the detriment of their family.

2. Every husband wants to marry a wife material, an available wife and mother and not an absentee wife. Your husband will work cooperatively with you when you have dutifully made yourself available and shun some irrelevant outings. It is actually not cool having absentee wife or mother. Of course, you all know by now that every slaymama slays to meet up with social events demand. So what happens when she is looking dapper in that latest lace? And no one to attend your daughter’s Parent Teachers Association meeting (PTA).

3. Slaymamas eventually might become an adulterer. Yes, too many ‘slaymama attitudes’ often leads to having all manner of friends and eventually the unhealthy ones.

4. Being a slaymama makes you lose your self -worth before your children and your husband. They will always know when you have lost touch with so many important things you used to do before.


  1. Being a slaymama can get so bad and lead to a woman comparing some men she met at a party or other social events with her hubby which can get your husband so mad at you.

Actually, all these talks are simply to ensure we all build a better home which is our uttermost passion at Dailyfamily, we dont and will never attack slaymamas with ulterior motive.

But then, being a slaymama is not the best thing for any woman (where we have some “Kingwomen™”) who wants to build a great family. So walk far away from being a slaymama but rather slay those bad characters that might be contending with your happy home.


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